Building Integrating Monitoring & Evaluation Systems: Linking Monitoring & Evaluation in Relief and Development Settings


On 8 October 2017, USAID/Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project partnered with EvalJordan to deliver a one-day training at the 6th Annual EvalMENA Conference, held in Amman, Jordan. The training focused on designing integrated and mutually supportive monitoring and evaluation systems in both humanitarian and development settings. Special emphasis was placed on the differences in M&E between humanitarian and development contexts, and designing M&E systems, as well as evaluations (including impact evaluations) for each context.

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Performance Monitoring Considerations: Development and Emergency Contexts

Performance monitoring considerations across relief and development contexts.
Other      Added October 16th, 2017 13:37

Designing M&E Systems: Relief and Development Contexts

Designing M&E Systems in both relief and development contexts
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Evaluation & Data Collection in Humanitarian and Development Contexts

Evaluation design considerations across contexts. Special emphasis on impact evaluations.
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