Certified Measurements and Verification Protocol


Includes all the materials needed for an engineer to be certified in CMVP

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Core Concept for International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

Efficiency Valuation Organization publishes the IPMVP to increase investment in energy ans water efficiency, demand management and renewable energy projects around the world
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IPMVP Statistics and Uncertainty

The objective of M&V is to reliably determine energy saving. In order for savings report to be reliable, they need to have a reasonable level of uncertainty
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Measurement and Verification Plan

A case study to show the full application of Measurement and verification plan
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Case Study - Explanation Regression & Uncertainty Test

A Case Study to test Explanation Regression & Uncertainty protocol
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Framework for Savings

A frame work for saving energy created by 2015 ASHRAE Technology Award Case Studies
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Measurements and Verfification Fundamentals

Measurements and Verification Fundamentals for energy managers
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