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A number of resources for CSO capacity development and training curricula have been produced under both the USAID/Jordan's civil society programs.

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Project Design and Proposal Writing Training Material

This course combines training with hands-on mentoring to build a draft proposal, in addition to an optional day of live simulations that provides participants with a unique opportunity to present and receive feedback from a committee of donor representatives.
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Budgeting for Proposals Training Material

This course aims at providing Jordanian CSOs & CBOs with the essential knowledge and practical skills to budget for projects that donors will want to support. This course combines training course and exercises to provide participants with a unique opportunity to design and present excellent quality budgets to donors.
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Youth Engagement in Civil Society Training Material

This course is intended for staff of youth organizations identified as youth workers throughout the governorates of Jordan who in their professional capacity are in direct contact with youth and seek to develop and implement projects/programs directed for youth.
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Societies Startup Toolkit Training 2013

This training package contains holistic training on several core topics that each community-based organization should be equipped with for better performance and hence to sustain their efforts.
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Training Standards Review

The Training Standard Review process exists to ensure a consistent application of the Training standards and to capitalize on the areas of strength and identify areas of improvement related to the NGO's Training department and the training service provided. Methodology: The Training Standards Review is an auditing tool that was put in place to ensure the compliance with the Training standards in NGOs that conduct training. It is an independent, objective and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the NGO’s Training operations. It helps the NGO accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of control and governance processes.
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Good Governance Training Material

This two-day training of trainers (TOT) seeks to educate trainers about the internal governance of civil society organizations (CSOs) and equip them to work one-on-one with organizations to improve their governance practices. The workshop covers (1) basic definitions and concepts; (2) laws and other guidance on CSO governance; (3) the structure of CSO governance; (4) what boards do; (5) how boards work; (6) phasing good governance practices into CBOs; and (7) training and mentoring CBO boards.
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Fundamentals of Procurement Training Material

This course exposes CSOs to the fundamentals of procurement, including developing procurement policies and procedures, designing open competitions, drafting a scope of work and requests for proposals (RFPs), evaluation of offers, and vendor selection. The course will also review donor procurement requirements and suggest how those can be institutionalized within the organization’s policies and procedures.
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Strategic Planning Training Material

This course leads to the development of a strategy for each participating organizations. The two-day training exposes participants to the concept of strategic planning, its importance in guiding the organization towards achieving its goals, the vision and mission, SWOT analysis, and defining your strategic objectives, after which the participating organizations develop their own strategic plans.
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