ICAT, Youth & ISC (Internal Strengthening For Change ) Evaluations


This collection includes CIS-specific assessments

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USAID CIS ICAT Aggregate Analysis Evaluation

In 2018,USAID CIS undertook an aggregate analysis of changes in capacity and performance among civil society organizations (CSOs)that took part in program facilitated assessments using the institutional capacity assessment tool (ICAT) designed to assist CSOs to identify and address organizational capacity needs and gaps.
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USAID CIS ISC I and II Summative Evaluation

This report is the fourth deliverable under the Internal Strengthening for Change (ISC) summative Evaluation:capturing ISO and CBO Results.the main purpose of the overall ISC evaluation is to independently assess the relevance ,effectivness and sustainability of the results of ISC.The evaluation covers the ISC I and II period of performance from its start date in April 2014 trhough March 2018
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USAID CIS Legacy Youth Assessment FINAL

This is the external third party evaluation was commissioned by USAID's Civic Inititives Support Program(CIS) to assess the extent to which USAID CIS,though a variety of direct grants and innovative grant-making initiatives,contributed to youth's positive development by directly providing resources towards youth-serving programs, and indirectly by encouraging civil society organizations (CSOs) to ground their approaches in the principles of positive youth development and social inclusion.
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