Jordan Water Infrastructure Expo 2023 Collection


The collection contains factsheets about the areas where the activity implemented several projects related to water and wastewater treatment, among other tasks.

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Bani Kenanah Water Improvement Project

The document gives an overview of JWI's work in the Bani Kenanah in Irbid that focused on preparing studies and designs for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing systems.
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Rehabilitation of Zara Ma'in Water System

This document highlights JWI's intervention to improve the service quality within Zara Ma'in by upgrading the mechanisms within the stations.
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Deir Alla and Karamah Water and Wastewater Project

This document highlights the work of JWI in Deir Alla and Karamah districts aiming at improving water supply, and by extension, providing more than 100,000 people in those areas with increased access to water.
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Tafileh Wastewater Treatment Plant

This document highlights the work of JWI in Tafileh to enhance sanitation in the area and increase the flow capacity, providing access to thousands of people in Tafileh with safely managed sanitation services.
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Jordan Water Infrastructure Factsheet

This document provides an overview of the Jordan Water Infrastructure (JWI) activity which partnered with various national entities to increase water supply, improve sanitation, and reuse treated wastewater, as well as build the capacity of water sector utilities, and attract investors to the sector.
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National Conveyance Project Procurement Support

This document highlights the work of JWI in assisting national actors in planning and undertaking the procurement process for one of the largest desalination plants in the world.
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North Aqaba Wastewater Treatment Plant Poster- Jordan Water Infrastructure

This document highlights the progress of the construction works that were undertaken as part of Jordan Water Infrastructure's task in north Aqaba
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Jordan Water Infrastructure Implementation Map

This map showcases the work of Jordan Water Infrastructure across Jordan
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Jordan Water Infrastructure Leaflet

The leaflet displays the tasks that Jordan Water Infrastructure implemented during the lifetime of the Activity.
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Jordan Water Infrastructure Milestones

This document highlights some of the main achievements for the Jordan Water Infrastructure that have been completed during the life of the program.
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