Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) Activity Materials


Research and material developed by the Strengthening Health Outcomes through the Private Sector (SHOPS) activity.

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Evaluation of Careline Follow-up Calls

Evaluation of the Careline follow-up calls to increase the women’s voucher use uptake of modern FP methods and three-month continuation rate of usage of modern FP methods among outreach clients.
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Study: Does Counseling Women and Couples Increase Family Planning Uptake in Jordan?

A three-armed randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of family planning counseling on family planning outcomes and to examine whether impacts differ for couples counseling as compared with women-only counseling.
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Lessons from a Contraceptive Health Insurance Coverage Pilot

Evaluation of a pilot program to test the cost-benefit of offering coverage of modern family planning methods through private health insurance schemes in Jordan.
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Implanon Acceptability Study in the Private Sector in Jordan

A study to inform the project about whether Implanon® provision and removal should be pursued further in the private sector and, if the results indicate that such a strategy would be beneficial, to generate support for such a maneuver within the MOH and the manufacturers of Implanon®.
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Assessment of Training Approaches through Mystery Client Surveys of Pharmacists and Doctors

This assessment was designed to evaluate whether the SHOPS multi-channel training approach results in improved service delivery outputs in relation to FP counseling.
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Effect of Postpartum Family Planning Counseling in Increasing Uptake of Modern Family Planning Methods after Delivery in Private Hospitals

Impacts of postpartum FP counseling in the private sector on uptake of modern contraceptives.
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