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Cities Implementing Transparent, Innovative, and Effective Solutions Activity (USAID CITIES)

Selected success stories highlighting key achievements of USAID CITIES during 2020-2021

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Irbid Municipality Organizational Structure

This story highlights the technical assistance provided by USAID CITIES to the Greater Irbid Municipality in developing an organizational structure to improve municipal services to one of the largest municipalities in the Kingdom.
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Cleanliness campaigns create job opportunities and improve the environment

This story highlights the importance of USAID CITIES Cleanliness Campaigns in improving the environment in five municipalities and creating much needed job opportunities for men and women in those areas.
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Instilling gender inclusion and equal opportunities in MOLA

This story highlights USAID CITIES efforts in integrating gender consideration and equal opportunities within Ministry of Local Administration's work.
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Supporting Municipalities for Improved Solid Waste Management

This story highlights the support provided by USAID CITIES to partner municipalities to deliver effective solid waste management services to residents
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Internship program opens doors for young professionals to excel

The story talks about the USAID CITIES six-month internship program, where out of 8,000 young, unemployed graduates who applied to participate, Abdullah and 18 other interns were selected to work in specialized positions at Ministry of Local Administration and Cities and Villages Development Bank.
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How human resource audits support better decision-making in Jordan’s municipalities

The story highlights the USAID CITIES Project's support to partner municipalities to utilize data from human resources audits to compare similarities and variances among Jordan’s municipalities. This data is helping to identify best practices and needs for improvements.
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Youth volunteers take action to raise community awareness

The story talks about Laith, a young volunteer from Al-Hallabat who is working with the Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) as part of the the Pilot Project to Build the Capacity of Municipalities to Control Stray Dog Populations that is implemented by PAF and funded by USAID CITIES.
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Municipal Governments Respond to Community Demands for Recreational Facilities

The story highlights equipping a public park in Al-Ghweir in Karak that was once abandoned and used for disposing of trash and unwanted construction waste. A total of 13 public parks across the Kingdom were equipped by USAID CITIES to help the municipalities better serve and respond to their communities.
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How is USAID Supporting Local Economic Development in Al-Dhulail Municipality

This story highlights the technical assistance provided to Al Dhulail Municipality by USAID CITIES to develop their local development plan and attract local investors to the area.
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How Does a Municipal Organizational Chart Contribute to Local Economic Development? Greater Karak Municipality Shows How!

With technical assistance from USAID CITIES, Greater Karak Municipality was the first large municipality in Jordan to complete development of a new organizational chart that envisions strategic future growth, including to improve municipal public services and to facilitate local economic development.
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What Difference Does a Few Centimeters Make? A Great Deal When it is Your Property Line!

To improve municipal surveys of property lines, USAID recently provided new survey equipment to sixteen municipalities. The real-time kinematic (RTK) equipment uses satellite data to enable municipal surveyors to make precision measurements of local property lines.
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How Are Women Leaders at the Ministry of Local Administration Facilitating Local Development?

The Ministry of Local Administration's Director of Local Development, Ms. Areej Zuraigat, is a senior women leader at the ministry whose goal is to create jobs and economic growth across the country’s 100 municipalities. She has partnered with USAID CITIES to expand municipal planning to better engage the local community, explore investment opportunities, and coordinate more closely with stakeholders.
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