TOC (Theory of Change) Training Materials

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Theory of Change training that was given by USAID MESP team at September,2018

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JCAP Theory of Change Narrative_final

JCAP'S theory of change aims to address FP/RH behavior and policy as well as wider RMCH+issues in order to improve development outcomes in Jordan.
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JCAP Logic Model

JCAP Results Framework
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Theory of Change Review Rubric_final

This rubric presents a set of questions based on requirements and good practices covered in USAID Jordan TOC Training
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Theory of Change Training slides

TOC Training Slides that increase understanding of the critical role of TOC as planning and learning tool, how and when to use it and to increase knowledge of TOC components and strengthened ability to develop a robust TOC as well strengthening ability to lead and facilitate a TOC review process in an activity setting
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