USAID/Jordan’s First Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Conference


USAID/Jordan Program Office (PRO), in collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) organized a one-day M&E conference for USAID/Jordan Implementing Partners’ (IPs). The goal of the conference was to improve M&E practices through learning, networking among M&E professionals, and highlighting the distinguished M&E work that is being conducted by IPs in Jordan. It provided an opportunity for IP M&E staff to discuss and share new and innovative approaches in M&E, and showcase their own accomplishments to their peers while learning from each other’s experience.

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USAID/Jordan’s First Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Conference Agenda

This is USAID/Jordan’s First Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Conference Agenda.
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The Civil Society Sector Assessment Infographic

The results of the Jordan Civil Society Assessment paint a complex landscape of how the public, civil society organizations, and the government interact. This infographic was designed to illustrate the Assessments conclusions. It depicts several perceptions including what the public express as needs, how civil society’s offerings do not match the needs, the factors that control civil society’s access to government, and the government’s silence or lack of participation in the sector, other than monitoring and controlling.
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Jordan’s Civil Society At-a-Glance Infographic

This infographic was designed to spark a conversation about the landscape of civil society in Jordan. How legislature has impacted the sector, the role of USAID, the sector’s employment of the Jordanian population, and the responsibilities of the Government of Jordan. The infographic provides a quick overview of data collected from the Ministry of Social development. The infographic was developed as part of the Civil Society Sector Assessment.
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Fidelity of Implementation in Impact Evaluation

This session aims to share experiences in conducting an impact evaluation for an app-based literacy library that compares treatment and control groups. Within the treatment group, conditions required for fidelity of implementation (FOI) of the impact evaluation are shared, giving rise to the need for FOI tools, and additional thought and consideration to analysis of results for robustness.
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Adaptive Management on the Activity Level

This presentation discusses the importance of data analysis in decision making and how to respond quickly both to changing environments and in the events that original framing proves inadequate, inaccurate, unrealistic and/or misleading.
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Data Collection Methods, Tips and Challenges

This session presents seven common data collection methods and their uses, strength and challenges and will be introduced to data collection approaches in special circumstances. By the end of the session participant should be familiar with methods to increase data collection rigors as well as data collection tips to overcome common challenges.
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Communicating Complex Data

This is a session that gives a primer on data visualization by using the USAID LENS MSE survey as a case study (infographics, online dashboards, and summary reports). The session emphasizes the need to create different tools for different audiences and purposes, and discusses the opportunities and challenges that this approach has created for LENS. Participants were invited to reflect on how to use different media to maximize reach whilst meeting a number of competing communication objectives.
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Theory of Change: Development and Applications

This session discusses practical applications of theory of change. It presents different examples of theory of change and how they may be applied. There is no one perfect example of theory of change; however, all useful theories should meet a number of essential criteria, which this session covers.
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Simple Data Visualization- From Pivot Tables to Dashboards

The session provided the attendees with an orientation of how to build a simple dashboard using Excel pivot tables and charts. The attendees were taken step by step through how to build dynamic interactive dashboards. It also introduced a simple-easy to build and free to use dashboard that can help M&E professionals in reporting.
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An Introduction to KaMP- English

This document provides an overview of USAID/Jordan Knowledge Management Portal (KaMP). It covers the main functionalities, benefits, ans uses of the portal. For more information on how to get started as a KaMP user refer to the KaMP Quick Guide.
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Logic, Strategy, and Brain Teaser Session Guide and Exercises Checklist

This session is designed to challenge a group of participants by providing them with a set of exercises. This document includes eight exercises and their solutions.
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USAID Presentation Monitoring and Evaluation Conference 2016

This presentation covered Monitoring and Evaluation updates as well as ADS200 monitoring, evaluation and learning. This also covered Mission Information Systems.
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M&E Officer Toolbox

The session will cover tools that are useful for day-to-day monitoring, on-going evaluation and research. The discussed tools will be categorized into the following: Cloud-based data collection systems, relational databases, statistical analysis software, and reporting platforms. For each category, different tool will be described by defining their utility, the requirements to use/implement the tools, and their advantages and disadvantages.
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