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The Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Project (TAKAMOL)

Aims to promote gender equality and female empowerment by expanding social dialogue on gender equality, strengthening enforcement and advocacy for female empowerment, and improving services for women and girls. TAKAMOL is implemented by International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)

Research Consortium Assessment - Primary Findings

The USAID Takamol- Gender Program launched a Research Consortium in response to
identified gaps and weaknesses in rigorous and credible research around gender issues in Jordan
that can be utilize...

"El Ma7ki Ma3" Takamol Report

A report by USAID Takamol's Social Dialogue component on "El Ma7ki Ma3 Takamol"

National Women Leader's Network

A report by USAID Takamol's Social Dialogue component on the National Women Leader's Network

"El Ma7ki Ma3 Takamol" Slam Poetry Round Two - Masa'...

El Ma7ki Round two 's winning poet: Masa Dalgamouni, performing her work

"El Ma7ki Ma3 Takamol" Round 2 Auditions

a film documenting the audition process for El Ma7ki round 2

16 Days of Activism Campaign: "Amend Your Proverb" -...

“Marry her young and raise her to your suiting”
Do you support female minors (under 18 years old) getting married? Watch this video under our #16days campaign #AmendUrProverb, highlighting the rel...

16 Days of Activism Campaign: "Amend Your Proverb" -...

“If she shows her teeth, follow her, and don’t fear her”
In your opinion, are there any justifications for sexual harassment in certain situations? Watch this video under our #16days campaign #Am...

Climate Change from a Gender Perspective

A final report on the conference and technical discussions co-led by the USAID
Takamol-Jordan Gender Program, the Jordanian Ministry of Environment, and Arizona
State University from 31 January t...

Qualitative Research Methods - Policy and Advocacy

Training material on qualitative research developed by USAID Takamol

Mural Project in Jordan - Mural 8 :"We Are One"

Videos documenting the creation of Murals by USAID Takamol across Jordan in order to bring gender themes to life through art

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