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Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP)

Enhance Jordan’s competitiveness, promote sustainable economic growth, and increase employment through improving the business enabling environment, enhancing workforce skills, supporting selected business clusters, promoting innovation, and increasing access to financing. Implemented by Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI)

Healing Hands: How One Jordanian Doctor Became an In...

When he became one of the first Jordanians to register a patent in the country’s
new, globally linked registration system, Dr. Saif Al Riyalat was trying to solve a
problem. Like the thorough phy...

Weaving Ideas into Business Success: Sultan Basyoni ...

Success Story: Sultan Basyouni, Weaving Ideas into Business Success, Jordanian Entrepreneur Launches Online Clothing Store

Oasis500 Infographic

Oasis500 Infographic

Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - English

Patent Cooperation Treaty Infographic - English

Jordanian Diaspora Network - Overview

This presentations offers an overview of Connect.Jo, Jordan's diaspora network established and then spun off with the support of the USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program.

Energy Effeciency Market Opportunities - Jordan

This presentation offers a detailed overview of market opportunities in energy efficient technologies for Jordan.

Jordan's Clean Tech Cluster - Prospects

This presentation presents a detailed overview of Jordan's vibrant clean technology sector.

Jordan's ICT Labor Market Study 2016

This labor market study of Jordan's ICT sector is the most comprehensive survey of its kind and conducted by the ICT business association Int@j.

Jordanian Healthcare and Life Sciences Sub-Sector Fa...

This "fact pack" offers a detailed overview of Jordan's healthcare and life sciences sub-sector, which encompasses the pharmaceutical industry.

Jordan's Water Management Sector

This presentation offers a detailed overview of Jordan's water management sector.

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