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USAID/Jordan Water Management Initiative

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Self-Assessment Report JORDAN Midterm Self-Assessmen...

A self-assessment of Jordan's efforts confront social, political, and economic problems in recent years: Midterm Self-Assessment Report National Action Plan 2016-2018


An extensive policy paper assessing various aspects of Jordan's middle class

مجموعات العمل الفنية المنهجية والتطبيق

An ACWUA presentation from Arab water week


The Doing Business Report describes and analyzes property rights protection in an economy in an effort to encourage investment and entrepreneurial ventures into the country. The Report is successfu...

Policies for High and Sustained Growth for Job Creat...

This Development Policy Review (DPR) shows that sustaining growth and reducing unemployment is possible: Jordan has a strong human capital base, a large endowment in engineers, doctors, accountants...

The Panoramic Study of the Informal Economy in Jordan

This study comes in as a second step that follows producing the diagnostic study “The Informal economy in the Jordanian Economy” which was concluded as part of the collaboration work between the Mi...

The Informal Sector in the Jordanian Economy

A study on the informal sector of the Jordanian economy and its greater impact on Jordan's broader economic wellbeing

Main Economic Indicators 2016: Jordan

Summary of the main Economic indicators for Jordan, 2016


Full text of agreement establishing an Association between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, of the other part

MOPIC Foreign Assistance Report 2014

Summary of foreign aid received by Jordan in 2014

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