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Water strategies and potential of desalination in Jo...

Jordan is considered one of the countries in the world with the scarcest of water resources. This has led to
deterioration of the groundwater quality and an increase in the salinity levels. The do...

Causes and Effects for Water Hammer

This documents shows a brief about the Water Hammer

Water Hammer In Piped Water Distribution System: Inv...

A proper water distribution system is very much essential for daily life, namely, for drinking, washing, cleaning
along with sanitation. The ground and catchment centers are very common source of ...

Water Hammer

This document is an important tool for the specialist surge analyst to use.


This paper is aimed at making readers more aware of the dangers, what can be done to avoid the problem, and
what can be done to control the phenomenon if avoidance is not possible. It also will ma...

Transient Pressures, Surge Modeling and Surge Model ...

Surge modeling is used to evaluate existing pumping system—particularly, where damage from transient events has occurred.

The Joukowsky equation for fluids and solids

This document shows the Joukowsky equation for fluids and solids

Surge Calculations Training

The word “water hammer” originates from the hammering sound which plumbing makes inside a house when faucets are turned on or off quickly.

Simple Guide for Design of Air Vessels for Water Ham...

Air vessels offer an effective means of reducing water hammer overpressures and negative pressures due to pump trip in
pipelines. The process of sizing air vessels is simplified with the nomograph...

نوعية الهواء المحيط في المملكة

نوعية الهواء المحيط في المملكة

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