A review of water policies in Jordan and recommendations for strategic priorities : final report


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Humpal, Don El-Naser, Hazim Irani, Khaled Sitton, John Renshaw, Kevin Gleitsmann, Brett

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP) USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP)

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Tags: Economic growth and development Finance Assessment Water Water supply Disasters Accidents

Water policies in Jordan are managed as a delicate balance of interests whose combined demand for water
greatly exceeds both renewable and currently financed non-renewable supply. Jordan’s people, who
currently live in state of severe water scarcity index at 147 cubic meters of water available each year per
person could move to deep water poverty at only 90 m3 year-1 by 2025. At this level basic hygiene and
sanitation becomes threatened, along with crop and livestock production and associated jobs

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