Assessment Report of 12 Vocational Training Institutes


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The WFD (Work Force Development) project team has been developing an institutional capacity assessment tool customised to the needs of the vocational education sector. However, in discussion with the VTC (Vocational Training Corporation) it was agreed that an assessment tool, that had been previously developed by ILO was the VTC’s preferred tool to implement, as the VTIs were already familiar with it. Therefore the Assessment Tool was piloted in 12 VTIs in May and June 2015, with a small team from the WFD project with the intention of determining the required level of support for human capacity and physical improvement development. The assessment process was designed to be participative to ensure that the VTIs are eventually able to independently undertake this process in the future, as a self-assessment tool, in order to determine progress and ensure ongoing quality improvement. However, during the assessment process it became clear that the institutes will need a lot more support and training to be able to complete a reliable and valid self-assessment process. The outcome of this initial assessment process will inform the recommendations for the future intervention of the WFD project with short, medium and long term activities.

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