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The purpose of this survey is to capture the number of adoptions (technologies and practices) that emerged out of these awareness-raising sessions, and, consequently, to calculate the water savings resulting from these adoptions. The findings of the survey will also guide and support the Households and Communities Component while designing activities and intervention areas for the FY21-22 Work Plan.The key results of this survey are to:
●-Quantified the number of adoptions in technologies and techniques amongst participants of awareness-raising sessions.
● Measured the water savings resulting from the aforementioned adoptions.
● Counted the recorded adoptions and water savings towards the Project’s Number of adoptions of technologies and/or practices to save water or increase reuse of water and Indicator 1: Cubic meters of water provided or saved as a result of USG assistance and Cubic meters of water saved annually from water saving technologies or techniques as a result of USG assistance thus providing MC team with survey data to assist them in indicators measurement.

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