Comprehensive Quantitative Data Analysis Training Presentation 2023

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Comprehensive Quantitative Data Analysis Training is designed to:
- Be familiar with the different quantitative data types and methods
- Be able to choose an appropriate sampling strategy
- Understanding the fundamentals of data cleaning
- Be familiar with descriptive and inferential statistical techniques
- Be able to read quantitative outputs from correlation and regression outputs
- Be familiar with data visualization approaches

Also, please see the below additional Quantitative Methods and Analysis resource:
- A good description from a professor at University of Massachusetts School of Public Health on how to use Excel for Statistical Analysis:
- Dr. Stephanie Evergreen is an expert on data visualization and has authored several books on the subject. The link above is a link to her blog which contains some really good tips on data visualization:
- A good website for reference to specific SPSS commands:
- Website from UCLA for helpful examples on STATA, SPSS and other statistical software:
- A great resource for all topics related to MEL:
- This report is a good example of how to incorporate descriptive analysis into a report:
- This is a good blog post explaining sampling and has a simple sample calculator to determine a basic sample size:
- This is a more advanced sampling calculator by the U.S. National Institutes of Health:

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