Cultivating inclusive and supportive learning environment program (CISLE) : summative evaluation


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Cultivating Inclusive & Supportive Learning Environments in Jordan’s Schools (CISLE)

Tags: Safety Training Material National level Displaced persons Education research School building Learning readiness Teacher education Popular participation Public administration Evaluation Report

Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) implemented a twenty two months program “Cultivating
Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment” (CISLE) in cooperation with the Ministry of
Education (MoE) to support MoE’s efforts in ensuring that all children– local residents and
Syrian refugees – are afforded an equal opportunity to acquire a purposeful and meaningful
education in a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment. The program, supported by
United States Agency for International Development (USAID), targets public schools which host
Syrian refugees in the northern and central governorates and has four (4) objectives: enhancing
the capacity of teachers to integrate and increase the participation of displaced refugee
student’s in Jordan’s public schools, increasing local community awareness, responsibility,
advocacy and participation in the target schools, promoting supportive and inclusive learning
environments in Model Community Schools (MCS), strengthening Community-School Support
Connections (CPSCs) through Lifelong Learning and Extra-Curricular Projects.

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