End of Project Evaluation of the Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP) 2013

Tags: Energy Environmental protection and conservation Water quality Evaluation Report

This is a report on the mid-term evaluation of the USAID funded Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP) implemented by the International Resources Group (IRG) in Jordan. The evaluation, covering the period 2010-2013, intended to assess the success of the ISSP “in identifying and then implementing a range of institutional reforms to address key institutional constraints to more effective and efficient management of the water sector to enable Jordan to better manage demands on its water resources.” The evaluation includes: a review of ISSPs implementation methodology; the identification of lessons learned and contributing factors to success and failure; an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the program’s management and administration, including approaches and methods used in engagement with the Government of Jordan (GOJ); and recommendations to USAID on how best to improve impact, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of similar projects in the future.

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