Financial Training for the farmers

Tags: Farmers Micro finance institutions (MFI) Micro finance Financial institutions Agricultural finance

This program aims to develop the participants’ financial skills in agricultural financing and to provide them with important experiences in various topics related to farmers’ access to the financing necessary to establish or operate their agricultural projects and manage their financial affairs that would help them make sound financial decisions through a set of the following axes:
-Introducing farmers to the concept and types of costs, to know how to assess the financial needs of the project, and determine the amount of financing required.
-Identifying different financing methodologies, whether Islamic financing or interest-based financing.
-Introducing farmers to the concept of responsible financing in terms of: reading the contracts, the terms and conditions attached to the contract, or the debt bond, the interest value or its equivalent in Islamic formulas, the financing or loan term, payment periods, the value of monthly or annual installments, the presence of delay penalties, penal conditions, And other requirements for understanding the financing contract.
-Defining the methods of financial management of a loan in terms of managing cash flows and their accounts receivable, such as determining the amount of financing with the technical needs of the project, linking the date of disbursement of financing to cash outflows, compatibility between cash inflows and repayment in terms of dates and the value of the installment.
-Defining the negative aspects of informal finance with the aim of behavioral change, and pushing farmers to deal with official financial institutions instead of resorting to brokers, traders, and moneylenders, and introducing them to the advantages of dealing with the formal and organized finance sector to change their behavior towards these institutions as trusted entities.

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