GBC Assessment and Development of a Framework  

In the wake of recent climate change and energy crises and the realization that buildings
contribute to majority of energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases, SABEQ
took the initiative to address the issue of energy, water, and environmental conservation in
Jordan, in an effort to reduce Jordan's energy consumption in buildings, and ultimately
decrease the burden of the energy bill on the economy and reduce Jordan’s carbon foot
print. SABEQ has been working closely with private and public sectors in Jordan to bring
together the stakeholders and to take a step to address Jordan’s sustainable initiative. This
initiative will bring the biggest change to the country. It will increase environmental, energy,
and water conservation awareness and educate the public on this important issue. This will
ultimately reduce energy consumption and enhance the efficiency of water use, and
therefore minimize the risk of quick depletion of scarce water resources in Jordan at current
consumption levels and structure. Also, this initiative will bring a whole new market to the
country (the green market) related to sustainable build environment from planning, design
and construction services to building products, and hence creating jobs and healthy
prospering economy.