Households financial needs and access to finance assessment

Tags: Water Micro finance institutions (MFI) Micro finance

This assessment has helped in addressing the main available opportunities in the selected targeted areas (Mafraq, Azraq, Ajloun, Jerash and Irbid) and overcoming the barriers that are facing them, in addition to raising their awareness level about water saving technologies and supporting them in adopting these Water Saving Devises (WSD), such as toilets, showerheads and aerators, along with Water Saving Technologies (WIT), such as rainwater catchment and greywater; while providing them with the proper financing methods in order to achieve the project's long term goals and objectives.
The overall goal is to assess the current and potential access and usage gaps and opportunities of access to finance schemes in order to increase supply and adoption of water saving devices and technologies for households in Mafraq, Azraq, Ajloun, Jerash, and Irbid.
• Assessed the willingness to pay for different WSD/WST.
• Assessed the ability to pay in the targeted areas.
• Identified the preferred technologies within the targeted areas.
• Assessed power and influence for different market actors.
• Identified the financial gaps and suggest interventions to overcome them.
• Identified the preferred financing tool and scheme.

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