JIB Targeted Investment Promotion Plan Report


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Rodrigo Zapata, Senior Consultant, with inputs from Kinan Jaradat, BPO Sector Lead, USAID Jordan Economic Development Program

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP) USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP)
(Muna Mansour)

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SABEQ (Sustainable achievement of business expansion and quality)


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The main purpose of the work was to help JIB´s management in the process of training
and developing the Investment Promotion team in the best practices of Investment
Promotion and moving forward in the transition from theoretical models to pragmatic
real life promotion work.
Additionally, in the absence of an Investment Promotion Coordinator or Manager, the
consultant was asked to guide and orient the various members of the team, “coaching”
them in their activities and showing them how to start up an efficient and effective
Investment Promotion effort in their sectors.

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