Jordan Clean Technology Sector Yearbook Part 2


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Jordan’s Clean-tech sector is a nascent yet promising sector with a rapidly emerging
potential of effectively contributing to Jordan’s GDP. However, there is a marked gap in the
availability of relevant, sector-specific, accurate, timely and reliable sectorial statistical data.
Additionally, there is no proper classification of Clean Technology companies. To that end,
and for the first year, EDAMA with the support of USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program
(USAID-JCP), have prepared and produced this report. This report is the first of its kind in
Jordan. It identifies and classifies Clean Technology companies in Jordan. It also provides an
overview of Jordan’s Clean-tech sector development efforts, highlighting new opportunities,
and identifying hurdles affecting the sector. Finally, it contains the most pertinent sectorial
statistical information and will therefore serve as a baseline for the sector.

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