Jordan media reality in covering water issues and challenges

Tags: Water Water Conservation Communications media and equipment Communications Markets

This report was created in order to explain the reasons behind the media’s neglect in shedding light on water issues. The study aims to answer the following questions:
• How do the media address the water shortage issue and its challenges in Jordan?
• To what extent does the media give priority to water issues in their coverage?
• Does the media provide sufficient information on water issues to the public?
• Does it play a role in raising awareness, and providing solutions?
• Are there media policies within the press institutions that deal with water issues, challenges, and problems?
• Do media professionals have sufficient knowledge of water issues? What are their capabilities in reporting these issues in their media work?
• Does the media provide in-depth content about water issues?
• What are the sources of information that media professionals use in their coverage of water issues? What is the role of the private sector in enriching media content?
• Does social media play a role in raising community awareness of the importance of water issues and its challenges?

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