Jordan Strategic Synthesis for USAID


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Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP)

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Placeholder Image USAID/Jordan Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity (MELA) Project
(Deeb N. Haddad)

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project(MESP)

Tags: Learning Popular participation Hydrology and water resources Youth Gender Health Development program planning and management Employment Education Foreign assistance Micro finance International trade Economic growth and development Women in development Literature Domestic government programs Governance Government Telecommunications technology Socioeconomic development Social problems

This is an overview of the development literature on Jordan, intended to inform USAID's strategic planning for US development assistance to Jordan. The review includes, for each sector covered, a summary of strategic issues and USAID portfolio highlights, without supplying programmatic recommendations. Sectors addressed include democracy, human rights and governance; economic development and energy; health; education; water resources; and gender and social inclusion.

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