My Mother is Tall


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Author: Lama Azir Illustrator: Falyin

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Placeholder Image The Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Project (TAKAMOL)
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The Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Project (TAKAMOL)


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This is part of a gender-sensitive children's book series develeopd by Haya Cultural Center with the support of USAID Takamol to encourages children to explore beyond gender roles and stereotypes and encourage them to follow their interests and passions.My Mother is Tall is a story about a mother who is so tall that she towers over others. She is much taller than those around her, including her husband. The story is told through the voice of her young son, who loves his mother regardless of her unusual height. This powerful book reminds us that not all people fall neatly into categories set by our society, families and even each other. My Mother is Tall teaches children to love others for their inner qualities and to have the courage to stand out and be different.

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