National Integrity Charter and Action Plan 2012


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Royal Committee for Enhancing the National Integrity System in Jordan

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USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP) USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program (MESP)
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During the past decade, Jordan demonstrated intensive efforts to develop a comprehensive reform process. The 2012 National Integrity Charter was developed as per His Majesty’s directive of enhancing the National Integrity System as a pillar of reform

· The Charter was developed building on the achievements Jordan has made to date and to forge ahead with increasing citizen’s confidence in the state and its institutions taking into consideration the requirements of the comprehensive reform process in its various dimensions

· Jordan’s National Integrity System seeks to serve citizens, preserve their dignity and safeguard their assets through enforcing laws, regulations and instructions in effect based on transparency, justice and equality

· A committee was established to oversee the drafting of the Charter and an Executive Plan to enhance the National Integrity System inline with national priorities

· The principles and pillars of integrity are realized with efficiency and effectiveness through adopting workable and measurable plans, programs and projects coupled with clear and transparent mechanisms and standards that determine the responsibilities and implementation timeframes

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