Private Sector Engagement Strategy CPD Provision in Jordan


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Local Health Systems Sustainability (LHSS)

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The Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) under the USAID Integrated Health Systems IDIQ helps low- and middle-income countries transition to sustainable, self-financed health systems as a means to support universal health coverage. Due to the lack of data on the number of allied health professionals in the country (estimated around 40,000 based on MOH, Licensing Professions and Health Institutions Directorate (LPHID) data as of July 30, 2021), and the number of Jordanian HCPs actively practicing abroad. Furthermore, there is a dearth in information regarding how many HCPs require license renewal, and the high level of private sector HCP employment causes challenges in ensuring that professionals are aware of and meeting CPD requirements defined by Bylaw #46. The PSE strategy identifies opportunities for increasing the role of the private sector with the goal of expanding the number of CPD providers and activities. It provides suggestions for incentivizing the private sector using long-term commercial gain (e.g., by expanding the opportunity to reach more clients and new markets). The strategy identifies CPD initiatives that are high volume, low cost, and affordable to minimize financial barriers to private sector participation. The private sector can be encouraged to develop new, or adapt existing, CPD courses whether virtual or face to face for either 1) underserved markets (e.g., for professions that are currently underserved, such as allied health professionals), and/or 2) for thematic areas closely aligned to USAID/Jordan’s portfolio of interest (e.g., family planning; maternal, new-born, and child health; nutrition; reducing antimicrobial resistance; and priority interventions for children with disability).

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