Shared Resources B- PMP Toolkit 2014  

This document is a PMP Toolkit that was developed by USAID in 2014.”This PMP Toolkit draws upon updated Agency monitoring and evaluation guidance and new processes relating to the USAID Program Cycle (see Figure i). The Toolkit is designed to serve as an ongoing resource for USAID staff engaged in performance management roles as they plan for and manage effective performance monitoring and evaluation over the course of the Mission’s strategy. As, ultimately, the PMP is only a useful tool if missions are actively using and learning from their monitoring and evaluation data, the Toolkit also provides helpful tips and ideas on using the PMP to strengthen the Mission’s approach to learning, collaborating, and adapting.” This document is a part of the training material for USAID/Jordan MESP- Performance Monitoring Workshop, conducted by the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) in January 2015.