Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies


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Tags: Water supply and sanitation Water supply engineering Water Conservation Waste management

IN the frame of the project SMART (Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with
Innovative Technologies), the objective of this technical report is to provide operation and financial
scenarios for decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse (DWWT&R) systems in Jordan. By
establishing a GIS-based developed methodology called Decentralized Wastewater Management
Support (DEWAMS), this report provides several appropriate scenarios for applying DWWT&R in rural
and semi-urban areas. The scenarios provided focus on settlements up to 5,000 inhabitants. The
approach also compares the viability of connecting the village to the nearest existing centralized
wastewater treatment plant (CWTP) with the cost of implementing decentralized wastewater
infrastructure in terms of Total Project Value (TPV).
The ultimate purpose of this report is to provide information to the Jordanian water authorities in order
to assist them with the selection of the most appropriate decentralized wastewater management
alternatives. DEWAMS analysis is an integrated approach that utilizes relevant decision parameters
and aims at providing decision support for planners of decentralized wastewater treatment
infrastructures. Whereas the analysis of technical and geographical aspects is in general well
developed among planners of wastewater infrastructure, the integration of these physical data with
economic feasibility and population dynamics is a methodological challenge for planners worldwide.
Thus, an integrated assessment of these aspects is crucial in order to ensure efficient and sustainable
operation of decentralized public utilities.

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