The Open Government Partnership: Jordan National Action Plan  

Jordan is well positioned to be a model for successful reforms for the region in view of its advanced
reform program undertaken over the past decade. Jordan’s management of its reforms successfully will
not only secure Jordan’s stability, but will also offer a model for others in the region by providing a
successful road map for stabilizing and effective reforms.
Jordan attaches great significance to being part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP). The
Council of Ministers approved Jordan’s participation in this Partnership in August 2011, noting that the
Prime Minister has formed an Ad-hoc Committee in October 2011 chaired by the Ministry of Planning and
International Cooperation, comprising representatives from the public and private sectors in addition to
civil society organizations, including the National Center for Human Rights and the Jordanian National
Forum for Women, to work on developing the Action Plan pertaining to Jordan’s participation in OGP,
and identifying the reform measures undertaken by the Government of Jordan in the area of governance.
Representation of civil society organizations in the Ad-hoc Committee was based on the fact that the
selected organizations are umbrella institutions that represent various walks of civil society.