Training manual for CBOs on presentation and facilitation skills

Tags: Gender Training Material

This training is divided Into 4 parts:
-Part 1
Distinguishing between sex and gender.
Understand the importance of gender mainstreaming in development.
Promote the equitable participation of both males and females in water-related decisions.
-Part 2
Building a clear perception of the concept of communication, its elements and forms.
Distinguish communication patterns in training sessions.
Applying communication skills in training sessions.
The importance of working on body language and voice to increase the effectiveness of communication.
-Part 3
Building a clear conception of presentation and presentation skills.
Defining the characteristics of a good speaker.
Employing methods and criteria for successful submission.
Specify the characteristics of an effective presentation.
The importance of the role of women in the water sector.
Effective presentation design that considers the essential characteristics of effective presentation.
Presentation in front of the public according to the criteria and foundations of effective presentation.
Planning to develop his/her competencies in presentation.
Realizing the importance of mastering the skill of presentation and presentation in playing his new role as a coach.
-Part 4
Building a clear perception about the concept of facilitation.
Outline the skills and roles of a successful facilitator.
Employing facilitation methods and techniques in awareness sessions about the need to rationalize water consumption.
Identify the elements of the training workshop.
Suggesting methods to rationalize water consumption and its impact.

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