Water Management Initiative (WMI) Mid-term Evaluation Report


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This publication was produced at the request of the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared independently by Lilit Melikyan (Governance Expert);Mohye Al Deen Al Shbool (Water Utility Expert);Feras Matar (IWRM/NRW Expert); Rania Zoubi (WDM/BCC Expert); Ragheb Fityan (M&E Specialist); and Joe Landis (Junior Evaluator), on behalf of INTEGRATED, partner under USAID Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program.

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Water Management Initiative (WMI)

Tags: Water Water utilities Water supply Hydrology and water resources

The scope of of the Water Management Initiative (WMI) Activity is ”to increase accountable, sustainable, water sector management and governance by supporting and strengthening the Government of Jordan’s policy development and implementation, and capacity building efforts.” The purpose of the mid-term Evaluation of WMI is to guide prioritization of programming initiatives and resources for the remainder of the project, to make mid-course corrections, and to support achievement of WMI objectives.

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