Water Substitution and Reuse Policy 2016

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Jordan is a nation burdened with extreme water scarcity that has always been one of
the biggest barriers to our economic growth and development. This crisis situation has
been aggravated by a population increase that has doubled in the last two decades
alone because of refugees fleeing to Jordan from neighboring countries. We must
then add to this the transboundary and climate change issues affecting Jordan’s water
In the face of these challenges, and to achieve our goal of successful integration of
Jordan’s water resources management, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation has been
active in putting forward four new policies that set clearly defined rules to manage the
scarce water resources efficiently and sustainably. These new policies lay out the
measures and actions required to achieve our national goals for long-term water
security. These result-oriented policies are built upon and updated from previously
adopted strategies, policies, and plans. Together, they are an integral and ongoing part
of the overall management efforts that have already been achieved.
This policy is the result of the efforts of working group to whom I am thankful. My
team has been putting great efforts to enhance water governance that support these
policies at all levels, which include enforcement of a suitable legal framework and
regulatory tools, enhancing efficient institutional capacities, and supporting dynamic
management plans that adapt the concepts of participation and decentralizations all
under the umbrella of Integrated Water Resource Management which I am sure will
show results in the near future.
Dr. Hazim El- Naser
Minister of Water and Irrigation

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