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USAID Technical Assistance Program Factsheet

This is the program factsheet which includes background, goals, and key results.

The Story of SCHEP: Sustainable Cultural Heritage Th...

The book shows the achievements of the project during the first half of its duration.

Zoara, the Southern Ghor of Jordan

Zoara, the Southern Ghor of Jordan: A Guide to the
Landscape and Heritage of the Lowest Place on Earth/

Experience of Jordan

The purpose of this booklet is to introduce
you to nine heritage sites in different parts
of Jordan that you may never have heard of
but are definitely worth a visit! Some sites in
this booklet...

Visit Safi Booklet

Visit Safi Booklet highlights the southern region of Jordan Valley (Ghawr) as a special destination, offering high quality services that reflect local cultural heritage.

The Archaeological & Tourism Reality in Eastern Desert

The book documents and re-evaluates archaeological sites in the Eastern Badia, which two researchers, Ahmad Lash and Wissam Iseed implemented in that region, taking advantage of the conditions of c...

Pages-The Pottery of Jordan Manual

he purpose of this manual on the pottery of Jordan is to provide museum personnel in Jordan, Jordanian
archaeologists and archaeology students, and other specialists a concise but thorough treatme...

Manual-Handling of Museum Artifacts in Jordan

Manual for the
Handling of Museum Artifacts in Jordan

Local Phrases and Common Proverbs Related to the Mar...

The book sheds light on an important aspect of the marine community heritage, the local phrases and common proverbs related to the sea, by engaging the local community in the process of documenting...

Manual-Handling of Museum Artifacts in Jordan (AR)

التعامل مع مقتنيات المتحف في الأردن

Countering Violent Extremism in Jordan

A nation-wide assessment to identify and understand drivers of, and pathways ...

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Essential Documents for Understanding the Syrian Cri...

This collection includes essential resources from several sectors such as the...