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DevResults Data Submission and Approval Arabic

DevResults Data Submission and Approval Arabic

DevResults Enter Direct Entry Data Arabic

DevResults Enter Direct Entry Data Arabic

National Non-Revenue Water Strategy for Jordan’s Wat...

This document presents a National NRW Reduction Strategy which is a comprehensive summary of
the interconnected efforts and investments required to achieve national NRW reduction goals. It

USAID Environmental Compliance and Climate Strategy

The presentation describes USAID’s Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan focusing on risk screening, assessment, and management. It was presented to USAID Implementation Partners in Jordan.

Panel Session 1- New Evaluation Approaches


GIS Data Visualization - Najd Al Hanahnah

An Integrated Map Based Monitoring and Evaluation System

Most Significant Change-Mohammad Lahham-Khaldun Kobba

Story-based approach to get information on change in participants’ voice
What is it: a method for ongoing collecting and analyzing personal accounts/stories of change and what led to this change.

Introduction to Sampling-Majd Haddad-Anas Masri

Everyone who has ever worked on a research project knows that resources are limited; time, money and people never come in an unlimited supply. For that reason, most research projects aim to gather ...

MEL within Market Systems Development- Lana Omari

Market systems development (MSD) seeks to catalyze a transformation process leading to a market system that is competitive, inclusive, and resilient.

Data/Informational Visualization and Presentation- J...

Data Visualization is an Important process to highlight the areas that are strong or need to improve using charts, Graphs, Maps … etc.

MESP- Developing Activity Monitoring and Evaluation ...

MESP- Developing Activity Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (AMELP) and Document...


In 2018, the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP) conducted...

Workshops for individual IPs

Workshops for individual IPs

Selecting performance indicators

Performance Indicators measure a particular characteristic or dimension of st...

USAID/Jordan’s First Annual Monitoring and Evaluatio...

USAID/Jordan Program Office (PRO), in collaboration with the Monitoring and E...

USAID/Jordan MESP- Performance Monitoring Workshop

The USAID/Jordan Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP), in collab...