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Breakout Sessions Descriptions

2018 MEL Conference - Breakout Sessions Descriptions

2018 MEL Conference Agenda

2018 MEL Conference Agenda (Self-Reliance and Sustainability)

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USAID 2018 MEL Conference - Self Reliance and Sustai...

This is a collection of resources for the third annual USAID MEL conference, ...

2018 MEL Conference Photos

USAID 2018 MEL Conference Photos

Video - M&E in Jordan

Snapshot of the M&E in Jordan.

USAID Implementing Partner Newsletters July 2018

Bringing our implementing partners the most recent news and information over the past month. Learn about
USAID's support in your communities and about our mutual goals across all sectors

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Breakout Session-The Journey to Self- Reliance:The S...

Self-Reliance:The ability of a country to plan, finance, and implement solutions to its own development challenges

Breakout Session- Status of Women in Jordan

According to the 2017 Global Gender Gap Report that benchmarks 144 countries on their progress towards gender parity across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation, Educational Attainment,...

Breakout Session - Wadi Rum Nature Reserve

تتميز منطقة وادي رم البالغة مساحتها ( 720 ) كيلو متر مربع بمناظرها الصحراوية الطبيعية المتنوعة والملونة بالإضافة الى النقوش والكتابات والاثار التي تعود الى اكثر من 12000 سنة من التفاعل البشري مع ...

Break Out Session -Integrating Monitoring and Evalua...

Traditional M&E’s focus is implementation and impact at the project level, not assessing progress towards, informing strategy on, or actively supporting movement towards sustainable, population-lev...