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Measuring U.S.Sustainable Development

Public and private decisionmakers in the 21st century are fashioning sustainable development policies
and programs in response to a variety of global concerns that include climate change, resource...

Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the USAID Communi...

This evaluation assesses the Community Engagement Project’s (CEP) progress toward achieving its
objectives in terms of several requirements, including:
• recommending shifts in program implementa...

Creating a Resilient Refugee Health Response throug...

The objective of this report is to highlight the main barriers for Syrian refugee access to health care services and to put forward recommendations in support of a more resilient Jordanian health c...

  • Issued on 2018.
  • Uploaded 8 months ago
  • Last updated 8 months ago
  • (Tahani)

Civil Society Organization CSOs Mapping Report

CSO mapping is a process to create a comprehensive database of the relevant CSOs that complement HFG activities. It will assist in promoting and creating awareness on health issues such as patient ...

  • Issued on 2018.
  • Uploaded 8 months ago
  • Last updated 8 months ago
  • (Tahani)

Decentralization in the Public Health Care of Jordan

The purpose of this study is to assess the situation of decentralization in healthcare in Jordan; inform the activities of the USAID-funded Health Finance and Governance Activity (HFG) in health se...

  • Issued on 2017.
  • Uploaded 8 months ago
  • Last updated 8 months ago
  • (Tahani)

Municipal Community Outreach Strategy

CITIES meet with municipalities and communities to define the best tools of communication and identify the related targeted audience.

“JSP: A Transformational Change” Evaluation of the J...

The JSP promoted a holistic approach to education reform accompanied with progressive social changes in the school community; it fostered collaboration and innovation and most importantly it offere...

Princess Rahma Hospital map - Jordan

Princess Ramha Hospital Map

Gender in M&E ; World Bank, Gender in Monitoring and...

Gender must be addressed in ongoing monitoring and in evaluations for the same reasons we address other issues:
in assessing whether an activity is achieving its objectives, we can consider what h...

جمعية خولة بنت الأزور الخيرية

تأسست الجمعية عام 2004 في الزرقاء ونطاق عملها المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية تحت
رقم ) 33 ( لسنة 1966 .
تهدف الجمعية إلى تمكين الأفراد محلياً في قضايا التنمية من خلال تقديم )تنفيذ(
برامج تنموية تسعى ...