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Takamol Mid-Term Performance Evaluation

Takamol Gender Program was designed to support USAID/Jordan’s Special Development Objective #4: Gender Equality and Female Empowerment Enhanced. This mid-term evaluation was designed to provide USA...

Jordan Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2013...

This is an amendment to the approved Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) for
USAID/Jordan. The purpose of this amendment is to revise contextual information that has
changed, particul...

Gender Responsive Budgeting

This manual includes basic concepts of gender, gender responsive budgeting, and the necessary steps and indications for preparing a gender-responsive budget.

Takamol Chat

A social dialogue tool adopting a video conference technique to encourage youth from different communities to open and lead discussions about gender issues and priorities.

Gender Responsive Budgeting

Gender Responsive Budgeting: Analysis of Budget Programmes from Gender Perspective, The purpose of this manual is to provide public officials working on gender budget analysis a simple tool on how ...

Fostering Quality of Employment for Women

The Business Case for Gender Parity, Women’s Inequitable Access to Good Quality Jobs, The World Bank Group’s Gender Strategy, Moving Towards Policies and Potential Solutions

Chapter 11 - Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Gender Analysis Report for GIZ Jordan

This report was written for GIZ Jordan. GIZ regards gender equality as a key prerequisite for
a human rights-based, socially equitable and sustainable development of societies. GIZ is
therefore c...

Gender-responsive budgeting Innovative approaches to...

Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is one of the tools used by policy-makers to tackle
the gender gap. The aim of GRB is to promote equality between men and women.

The Oxfam Gender Training Manual

Gender awareness and self-awareness, Building gender awareness, Self-awareness for women and men, Choosing the sex of your child, My organisation is a male/female organisation