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Review Report of Hospital Autonomy at Prince Hamzah ...

Hospital autonomy is undertaken in countries to meet some or all of the following objectives: 1) improve communication and reduce administrative complexity for effectively managing hospitals; 2) en...

  • Issued on 2018.
  • Uploaded 12 months ago
  • Last updated 12 months ago
  • (Tahani)

Non-Revenue Water: Financial Model for Optimal Manag...

This report presents a financial model that addresses the limitations noted above and provides acceptably accurate values of optimal, steady-state NRW without the need for large data collection eff...

Petty Cash Management

This policy defines the procedures to be followed when starting, administering and ending the use of petty cash funds for small incidental cash purchases by employees for a certain amount.

USAID/WMI Business Plan

This Document shows a summary for YWC Business Plan 2017.

Municipal Financial Training

USAID CITIES provides Municipalities with necessary Financial Training that changed municipal staff perspective and impact their budget efficiency

Identity Center Annual Report 2012

Identity Center Annual Report 2012

JSC E-filing Disclosure Project

The e-filling Disclosure Project will provide Jordan Securities Commission (hereinafter
referred to as “JSC”) with a comprehensive solution to handle its ongoing processes and
transactions. The d...

Labor Force Profile of Irbid Development Area

The labor force profile study for Irbid Development Area aims at identifying the labor demand
by the private sector firms in the Area, as well as, the labor supply in Irbid Governorate, in
terms ...

Financial Management Training

Jordan is distinguished for having the largest per capita percentage of engineering degree
graduates in the world. As such, the country has much latent talent. Moreover, Jordanian
architecture an...

Private Dead Sea Bus Transportation Company

Based on extensive consultation with owners and operators of hotels within the Dead Sea, a
need was identified to enhance access of workers to the area through the establishment of a
private bus ...