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Enterpreneurship Presentation - Arabic

Entrepreneurship Presentation - Arabic

Sector Profile - Transportation Logistics

Sector Profile - Transportation Logistics

Jordan Competitiveness Program Fact Sheet 2019

Jordan Competitiveness Program Fact Sheet 2019

Special development objective 4 performance evaluation

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are critical issues in Jordan. The country’s constitution
mandates equality for all citizens, yet laws restrict women’s employment options. Jordan lifted it...

A National Green Growth Plan for Jordan

This National Green Growth Plan (NGGP) seeks to understand what prevents Jordan from
implementing the goals established in Jordan’s current plans and strategies, and offers suggestions in
the con...

Youth newsletter_Winter 2012

Youth:Work Jordan (YWJ) approaches the issue of youth employ ability from both the supply
and demand side – working with employers to assess the skills requirements of their employees,
while also...

Identify Requirements for Transportation Inftrastruc...

A transportation preliminary study for Irbid Development Area (IDA) has been developed
considering the current demand issues of two Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
companies, namely CrystelCal...

Private Dead Sea Bus Transportation Company

Based on extensive consultation with owners and operators of hotels within the Dead Sea, a
need was identified to enhance access of workers to the area through the establishment of a
private bus ...

EDAMA Action Plan

Establishing Jordan’s Leadership in Energy, Water, and Environmental Productivity;
EDAMA, Arabic for “sustainability,” is a private sector-led
initiative that seeks to maximize Jordan's renewable...

Transportation Model For Al -Tajamouat Industrial Es...

Al-Tajamouat Industrial Estate represents a modern micro city containing factories,
dormitories, shops and education facilities in addition to administration buildings.
Currently, there is a cont...