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Water Management Initiative (WMI) Mid-term Evaluatio...

The scope of of the Water Management Initiative (WMI) Activity is ”to increase accountable, sustainable, water sector management and governance by supporting and strengthening the Government of Jor...

الاستراتيجية الوطنية للمياه 2016-2025

الاستراتيجية الوطنية للمياه 2016-2025

Hydrology of the most Ancient Water Harvesting Schemes

The aim of this research is to investigate one of the potential water resources in the Jordanian desert that can help to alleviate the water shortage problem.

Increasing drought in Jordan: Climate change and cas...

The authors analyze Jordan’s surface water resources and agricultural water demand through 2100, considering the combined impacts of climate change and land-use change driven by the Syrian conflict.

التقرير السنوي لسلطة المياه 2012

This is the annual report for the Water Authority of Jordan for the year 2012. Reports on a variety of issues related to the water sector in Jordan.

Modeling Residential Water Consumption in Amman: The...

The authors conduct a case study of the effects of pricing policies, using an agent-based model of household water consumption in Jordan’s capital Amman, in order to analyze the distribution of bur...

Global change and the groundwater management challenge

The authors discuss the competing fresh groundwater needs for human consumption, food production, energy, and the environment, as well as physical hazards, and conflicts due to transboundary overex...

Identifying causes of global freshwater vulnerability

Article exploring the causes and dangers of global freshwater vulnerability

Jordan Valley Master Plan

This study analyzes the problems and opportunities of the Jordan Valley to cr...

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