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جمعية إسكان الأمير طلال بن محمد للتنمية الاجتماعية

تأسست الجمعية عام 1986 في الرصيفة، وتهدف إلى الاهتمام بالشباب من خلال
إيجاد فرص عمل لهم وتوجيههم لتلبية حاجات سوق العمل المحلي وتأمين ورفد
المؤسسات والشركات الخاصة والحكومية بالكوادر المؤهلة علمي...

Youth Newsletter_Summer 2012

Over the last decade, Jordan, along with ten other Mediterranean countries, benefited from
the highest growth rate in foreign tourism globally, accompanied by an additional increase in
domestic t...

Youth newsletter_Fall 2011

This newsletter was Launched by the International Youth Foundation (IYF) in India and Mexico in 2004, the
PTS curriculum was translated into 12 languages and successfully implemented in 10 countri...

Youth newsletter_Winter 2012

Youth:Work Jordan (YWJ) approaches the issue of youth employ ability from both the supply
and demand side – working with employers to assess the skills requirements of their employees,
while also...

Passport to success

Passport to success is to ensure that youth are prepared to assume civic as well as professional roles, the program includes modules on service learning. Through carrying out a service-learning pro...

Success Stories and Lessons Learned Report

The program design was based on a ToT program conducted by Mr. Gary Forbes, LGDP’s international consultant and trainer, in other countries with similar objectives. The program modules and material...