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Budgeting Presentation English

Budgeting Presentation English

Gender Responsive Budgeting

This manual includes basic concepts of gender, gender responsive budgeting, and the necessary steps and indications for preparing a gender-responsive budget.

Gender Responsive Budgeting

Gender Responsive Budgeting: Analysis of Budget Programmes from Gender Perspective, The purpose of this manual is to provide public officials working on gender budget analysis a simple tool on how ...

Gender-responsive budgeting Innovative approaches to...

Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is one of the tools used by policy-makers to tackle
the gender gap. The aim of GRB is to promote equality between men and women.

Budgeting for Proposals Training Material

This course aims at providing Jordanian CSOs & CBOs with the essential knowledge and practical skills to budget for projects that donors will want to support. This course combines training course a...

CSOs Training Resources - Arabic

A number of resources for CSO capacity development and training curricula hav...

Export Manual a Practical Guide to Developing Export...

The complexities of international markets create many challenges and opportunities to businesses. Advances in information technology and communications, coupled with trade liberalization and the el...

Recruitment and Selection Manual

Overwhelmingly, staff recruitment and selection is one of the biggest challenges that
architecture, engineering, consulting engineering, and environmental consulting firms
continue to struggle wi...

Financial Management Training

Jordan is distinguished for having the largest per capita percentage of engineering degree
graduates in the world. As such, the country has much latent talent. Moreover, Jordanian
architecture an...

Indicative FY 2009 Budget for the Jordanian - Arabic