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As part of its capacity building plan to USAID Government of Jordan (GoJ) partners, The USAID Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Activity conducted a three-day in-person training workshop on Repo...

برنامج الاستعداد للعمل الآن

تتضمن الوحدات الرئيسية للبرنامج ما يأتي:
الوحدة الأولى :وهي بعنوان التنمية الذاتية حيث تتضمن تحديد قيم المتدربين ومهاراتهم ومواطن القوة والضعف لديهم، وأهمية مساعدتهم على تطوير أهداف شخصية طويلة وق...

Instilling a Sense of Responsibility in Municipalities

Since late 2017, USAID CITIES has been working with Jordanian municipalities to identify effective two-way communication and outreach tools between the municipality and the community. Through USAID...

Water Management Initiative (WMI) - Customer Service...

This booklet discuss different subjects related to customer service, Control unit, M&E and Communication skills.

Supply Demand GAP Analysis - In Jordan ICT Sector

In an effort to develop a national cooperative framework for professional education and training
driven by the needs and requirements of skill set and professions in the Information and

Municipal Community Outreach Strategy

CITIES meet with municipalities and communities to define the best tools of communication and identify the related targeted audience.

مبادئ الاتصال الفعال

برنامج الزيارات المنزلية_ ضمن المنحة المقدمة للبرنامج الأردني لسرطان الثدي

دليل مهارات الاتصال "المرأة العربية تتكلم"

Communication Guide part of AWSO Program

Supervisory and Administrative Skills - Package 2

مفهوم الاتصال و أنواعه و مراحل عملية الاتصال و تماربن تخص مفهوم الاتصال

Supporting Implemantation of Liscencing Process Wadi...

Previous AMIR-USAID studies have identified that licensing and permitting practices are
being unnecessarily costly to investors seeking to establish a new business in Jordan. Those
studies show t...