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Rural Women Handcrafts

The following brochure presents Rural Women Handcrafts, as well as a brief summary about Amman and the society,

A Walkaround Al-Balad Downtown Amman

A brochure about downtown Amman, with a brief description of the area and how it changed. It also contains a small map on which you can use to tour the area, with a key as to what each tour locatio...

A Taste of Jordan

A brochure depicting a tour of Jordan comprising of 9 days. With each day they state a location, activity and give a brief statement on each location.

Art Galleries of Amman

A brochure of a list of art galleries existing within the capital of Jordan, Amman. It states the name of each gallery, a brief explanation of the gallery and the contact information as well.

Jabal Amman Walking Trail

A brochure of a walk path in Jabal Amman with the touristic sites being numbered in order with the trail. The sites are also given a brief explanation.

Culinary Camp Site brochures

The following brochure presents a brief description of the faculty, the steps of becoming a chief and the main sections in a conventional or modern kitchen operation in other words the kitchen orga...

Taybeh Women Society Brochure

A small brochure about the Taybeh Women Society and their buisiness, as well as how the USAID assisted them with their work; which explains how this Women Society benefits the local community of Ta...

Burda Women's Cooperative Brochure

The following brochure presents the producing of traditional handcrafts for tourism, life at the desert, preserving the Bedouin weaving tradition and finally employment among Bedouin women in Wadi ...