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Urban Areas GeoJSON

Jordan Urban Areas


This report aims at supporting the partner countries in gradually developing or extending their national environmental information systems in line with the SEIS principles in terms of content,

Jordan Valley Master Plan

This study analyzes the problems and opportunities of the Jordan Valley to cr...

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  • USAID/Jordan (Kenana Amin)

Managing groundwater sustainably

Groundwater is the most abundant source of freshwater on Earth The total volume of fresh groundwater stored on Earth is between 8 and 10 million km3, or 96% of non-frozen freshwater. Groundwater pr...

مي و طاقة و فراطة - الكهربائيات المنزلية

(Mai Wa Taqa Wa Frata) is an innovative television program launched by Aramram TV to spread knowledge and awareness in order to change consumer behavior towards water and energy.
This program is p...

Wastewater treatment facilities for small communitie...

In support of the people and Government of Jordan, USAID plans to finance the implementation of a
low-cost low-maintenance wastewater treatment and reuse (WWlXR) project in North Shouneh. This is

Guide to Hydrological Practices

Hydrology is the science that deals with the occurrence
and distribution of the waters of the Earth in
time and space, both above and below the land
surface, including their chemical, biological...

Environmental Issues in Jordan, Solutions and Recomm...

Jordan’s natural resources are limited to support population in a sustainable manner.
However, its environment is exposed to a number of threats. In order to best explain Jordan's
environmental d...

Impact of a domestic wastewater treatment plant on g...

An assessment of groundwater pollution in the area surrounding a domestic wastewater treatment
plant in northern Jordan has been carried out. Groundwater in the study area is classified as alkalin...

Non Revenue water and Tabarbour isolation Reports

Non Revenue water and isolation works tabarbour inspection Reports