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SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop

Comprehending Entrepreneurship and SMEs Business Model
Understanding Driving Force and Golden Circle of the Business
Using Secondary Research in Assessing Macroeconomics and Sector Drivers

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 4

Understand the Basic Financial Statements.
•Comprehend the Components of Financial Statements.
•Construct Basic Financial Statements.
•Understand Cash Flow.
•Understand Types of Costs.

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 2

Secondary Market Research, Indicators that are examined through secondary market research,

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 5

Understanding Major Gender Concepts
•Comprehend Gender Gap Analysis and Related Indicators
•Realize Opportunities & Challenges Facing SMEs.
•Understand Unpaid Care Work as a Challenge to Women

SME Startup & Entrepreneurship Workshop 6

Translating Business Plans to Action Plans Using SMART Goals
Preparing Financial Projections
Using Operating Cash Flow as the Primary Source of Repayment
Understanding Business Performance Im...

Corporate Governance Training Course outline

The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) has recently developed a Guide for Corporate
Governance Rules for Shareholding Companies Listed in Amman Stock Exchange (CG
Rules). The document is in draft...

Training of trainer course for business trainers : a...

The purpose of this consultancy was twofold: (1) to continue to upgrade the business
and training skills of the short-listed individual who are to become WAEDAT trainers
with the view to creating...