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Burqush Action Planning Workshop

إستراتيجية خدمات بلدية برقش

تقديم أفضل الخدمات بشمولية وعدالة، وجذب الاستثمار، والترويج للمدينة سياحياً واقتصادياً، والمحافظة على الطابع التراثي ومواكبة روح العصر، بكوادر مؤهلة ووسائل متطورة وش...

Fuheis Action Planning Workshop

إستراتيجية خدمات بلدية الفحيص
تقديم أفضل الخدمات بشمولية وعدالة تحقق رضا متلقي الخدمة، وتحقق التوازن بين استدامة المحافظة على الطابع التراثي ومواكبة التطورات وذلك من خلال كوادر مؤهلة ومنتمية وواع...

Shafa Action Planning Workshop

إستراتيجية خدمات بلدية الشفا
تسعـى بلديتكـم بقيادتهـا وكوادرهـا المؤهلـة وبمشاركـة كافـة شرائــح المجتمـع المحلـي لتقديـم خدمـات متميـزة ، والنهـوض بالمنطقــــه اقتصاديـاً واجتماعيـاً وثقافيـاً ...

Transforming Madrasati Schools To Green Building

A green school is a healthy, high performance school that monitors its ecological footprint. A
high performance school is one that provides a healthy learning and working environment for
its stud...

Export Readiness Assessment Report

This report outlines the results of the export-readiness assessment conducted under the TOR “Export Coaching Program for five ICT Tier 2 Firms”. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the le...

AlKarak (CDC) Career Development Center

As part of the efforts to enhance employability of Jordanian youth, and in order to provide
needed training and assistance for university students to help them bridge the gap between
academia and...

Communication Strategy

The purpose of this presentation is to set the guidelines & strategy for the Development Zones Commission’s communication on both external & internal levels.

AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) Chapter Develo...

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is a nonprofit professional society of over 12,000
members and over 18,000 certified professionals in 78 countries. The mission of AEE is “to
promote the...

Entity Green Recycling

Providing Comprehensive Recycling Services Sustainably;Entity Green Training incubates sustainable businesses and implements specialized training
programs. EGT is a company that benefits the envir...

Enhance Green Collar Skills Among University Gradutes

The program targets factory employees recently graduated from universities, and
aims at enhancing their managerial skills and encouraging them to deepen their
ambition to build their professional...