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Marketing skills

Training objectives:
Building a clear perception of the concept of marketing and marketing management.
Clarify the elements of the marketing mix.
Employing the marketing mix in marketing water s...

Training manual for CBOs on presentation and facilit...

This training is divided Into 4 parts:
-Part 1
Distinguishing between sex and gender.
Understand the importance of gender mainstreaming in development.
Promote the equitable participation of bo...

Sales skills

"Objectives of the sales skills training is to:
improve the set of skills of the sales representative to help them become influencers and persuade trainees to purchase rather than receiving only ...

Marketing and sales skills training

This training provides:
-Basic to moderate introduction to marketing and management process that includes (definitions, elements of each, and steps)
-The process of farmers selection

Testing the capacities of community based organizati...

Under the purpose of continuing the delivery of awareness sessions to the household community in this emerging quarantine times; the Institutional Strengthening (IS) team worked on drafting a respo...

Improving skills of field observers and influencers

This document serves as guidelines and tips on how to perform regular field farm audit to farms under the WIT project, measurements and calculations, convincing new farmers by explaining methods an...

Marketing skills training using visual communication

This training includes the following topics:
- Marketing definition
- Managerial process
- Market selection
- Marketing elements
- Competitive advantage

Sales skills and farmers after sales services

The goal of this training material is to:
- increase knowledge in drip irrigation systems, become more involved in the sales process and improving sales methods.
- increase self confidence and sa...

Rapid Assessment of Supplier Trainings

This report summarizes the key results and effectivmness of a series of training conducted by WIT and its partners between April and October 2019. these training aimed at building the skills and k...